CNG Solutions was formed in 2011 to offer an additional service company option to both the big and small corporate CNG service providers, as well as for the CNG consumers of America.  As a smaller company we can offer a more personal customer experience without sacrificing some of the qualities of service of a larger company.  We are qualified and capable of handling any CNG site, from a small public or fleet site to the largest type of Transit sites.  From the gas meter, to the fuel tank we can keep you running with quality and honest service.  Based in Mineral Wells, TX, we are centrally located to provide service for any company's needs through the USA.

Our technicians have a combined 25 years of experience in the CNG industry. They are factory trained and certified by both IMW and Ariel. They are very experienced with both IMW and ANGI equipment, as well as all other types of compressors and drivers being used in the CNG industry. We can provide skilled technicians on an "as needed" basis at a highly competitive hourly rate, as well as a full operations contract. We can also offer a plan somewhere in between structured to your exact needs. Whether you require maintenance, repair, complete rebuilds, replacement parts or total operations we are there to insure that you can always fuel. We are excited to have a chance to assist you in the future.